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      April 17, 2020


      Dear Northumberland Students & Families:


      I wanted to provide you with a few updates today.


      This week we continued to prepare and deliver meals to 680 students! That is more than half of our school population which is really special! Yesterday we sent five breakfast meals and five lunches to each student. We will continue meal deliveries every Thursday.


      I am so grateful to our school nutrition team, led by Saunee Hamlett, and our transportation team, led by Stacy Branem.  Thank you, also, to all of the “Helpers” — teachers and other staff who have tirelessly volunteered to pack and load the meals onto buses and to ride the buses to help with delivery.


      A couple weeks ago VPM PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) visited Academic Lane to film a documentary of our Meals With Wheels program. I have special permission from PBS to share the following one minute media clip with you as we wait for the documentary to be released. Please click here for the clip:




      The following is a transcript of the video:

      On March 23, 2020, Northumberland County public schools announced they would be closed for the remainder of the academic year, due to the Governor’s Order and in response to the developing COVID-19 pandemic. “With the schools being shut down, we were certainly worried about our students not having the proper nutrition,” says Northumberland County Bus Driver Tammy Wilkins, in an interview with VPM. Immediately, Superintendent Dr. Holly Wargo called Director of School Nutrition Saunee Hamlett and Director of Transportation Stacy Branem to develop a plan. 

      “We actually know that we have students [who] would not be eating,” says Director of School Nutrition Saunee Hamlett. “And now with more people being out of work, it is definitely much needed.” School nutrition technicians, volunteers, and bus drivers work together to make and distribute roughly 650 breakfasts and 650 lunches - amounting to about 1300 meals a day.

      “The kids get excited to see the bus drivers come through,” says Branem. “Some [of the bus drivers] get a little bit emotional seeing their kids again. The best part is seeing how much the families appreciate it.” Still, the team maintains their efforts to not make them heroes. Wilkins says, “I just want to make sure, just like every other county employee, that our kids are fed.”


      Please know yesterday, April 16,  our School Board conducted interviews for the vacant District 2 School Board seat, and today the School Board will conduct a virtual Public Hearing for the District 2 seat. You may dial in to offer public comment.

      Thank you to School Board Clerk Donna Booth and Director of Testing & Accountability Virginia Booth for setting up the virtual meeting platform.

      Date and


      April 17 2020 6:00 PMto8:00 PM


      A Public Hearing for Public Comments and Appointment for District 2 School Board Member is scheduled for Friday, April 17, 2020 at 6 PM.

      Information on Public Access to School Board Meeting

      Dial-in Number:1-564-888-5486

      Conference Code: 500200


      • Participants can call up to 10 minutes before the meeting begins and will be placed in a waiting room until the meeting begins.
      • All participants will be automatically muted when joining the call.
      • Participants can raise their hands by pressing 5* on their telephone keypads. The host can then unmute callers with questions and allow them to speak.
      • *Any costs incurred are based solely on the caller's provider for their long-distance or cell phone plan


      I appreciate our teachers and their commitment to VIRGINIA LEARNS ANYWHERE. Please be reminded your child’s teacher(s) will conduct virtual office hours to support you and your student. You can visit your child’s school webpage for more information on office hours for each teacher.


      We will continue to enhance our CONTINUITY F?R LEARNING (C4L) plans and platform in the coming weeks.


      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything whatsoever. Be safe & Stay well! 


      Holly Wargo, Superintendent

      Northumberland County Public Schools



      Holly Wargo, Ed.D., NBCT  

      Division Superintendent

      Northumberland County Public Schools 



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