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      Welcome Mr. Perez

      Congratulations, Mr. Perez
      Posted on 02/20/2020
      Mr. Perez welcomed by School Board Members

      We welcome Mr. Perez to our school family and congratulate him on the appointment as the District 3 School Board member.


      Over the past ten (10) years, Mr. Perez has served in various professional settings including religious, community, and educational sectors. Mr. Perez stated, “I am confident I will be a valuable contributor to the board’s vision in valuing people’s differences, prioritizing the growth and development of students and educators, and accomplishing great work together by implementing change and offering a fresh perspective.”

       Mr. Perez recognizes the importance of maintaining the school division’s vision while heightening awareness of new strategic methods for improvement. Mr. Perez stated, “I am committed to honesty. This level of transparency, coupled with respect for the opinions of others, has proven beneficial in meeting my goals, helping others to reach theirs, and doing so with a clear conscience.”

      Mr. Perez looks forward to collaborating with all educational stakeholders: “It is my sincere hope that we will work as a collective unit in reaching our educational objectives. In so doing, we must be careful to meet that challenge by achieving financial stability for current initiatives without shortchanging our future aspirations.”

      Mr. Perez’s career highlights include counseling/interpersonal skills; multicultural/intercultural affairs; budget management; programming; and systems and software. Mr. Perez holds a Master’s of Divinity & Arts from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., and a Bachelor of Science in Religion and a Minor in Philosophy and History from Ferrum College. He currently is a Senior Pastor & Church Executive.

      Mr. Perez is the husband of our very own Katrina Perez, who teaches art at Northumberland High School! They are the proud parents of Hannah (21) who works at Disney and attends the University of Central Florida; Abbagale (18) who attends Hood College where she studies nursing; Dustin (17) who attends NHS as a junior and studies culinary arts and participates in indoor track; Rachel (16) who attends NHS as a junior and is about to attend the Washington Journalism & Media Conference; and Judah (14) who attends NHS as a freshman and participates in JROTC, JV and Varsity football, as well as indoor track.


      Mr. Perez's experience as a parent, educator, and community leader will be a strength as he navigates the important work of the School Board. Please extend a warm Northumberland welcome to Mr. Perez when you see him in our schools!






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